100% of your organisation influence your eco-systems

Will you keep ignoring it?

With Social Dynamite’s platform, engage your employees in a dynamic development of your company’s digital influence.

You are publishing and broadcasting content on your brand’s social accounts. Paradoxically, your teams only share a small part of it.

You benefit from only 10% of your influence potential. Do you want to activate the remaining 90%?

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Social Dynamite’s platform key modules

The Social Wall
Gather all you social media account activities on a single page.

Give the possibility to your collaborators to pick up manually the articles that they wish to relay on their own social networks.

Your influence potential grows up to 30%.

The Automated Mode
The most active collaborators can register to thematic channels in order to automatically relay relevant content into their own social media accounts.

They optimize their visibility and professional credibility.

Your influence potential grows up to 100%.

The Delegation Mode
The Delegation mode is for the collaborators (C-levels, VPs, commercials and consultants) whose influence is more strategic for your market.
They delegate the nurturing of their own social media accounts to the administrator.

Aware of the disparity of digital maturity in your team, Social Dynamite provides trainings of digital sensitization, from a growing awarness of the digital footprint of the collaborators to the individual coaching of top executives.

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